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About the Alliance!

Hi! Welcome to the Alliance. Below are the top 7 things you need to know about the Alliance!

Congestive Heart Failure

We are interested in doing research on Congestive Heart Failure and we need your help! If you have ideas for research projects please let us know! Also, feel free to join the conversation with other patients and researchers and contribute to research that matters to you.

Women and Heart Disease

We are interested in Women and Heart Disease and we need your help! If you have ideas for research please let us know by joining the conversation!

Aspirin Study!

The Health eHeart Alliance is partnering with patient leaders across the U.S (The Adaptors) to give patient-centered feedback about the trial.

Atrial Fibrillation

Our researchers at @Health-eHeart are really interested in Afib-share your ideas here and we will keep you posted on current research opportunities.

Coronary Heart Disease

Researchers @Health-eHeart are interested in Coronary Heart Disease. Share your ideas for research and we will let you know when a research opportunity turns up.

Cardiac Arrest Survivors

Interested in Cardiac Arrest Research? Join the conversation!


Want to share your ideas for future Stroke research? Join the conversation here!

Propose a Research Question!

If your research interests are not shown here--Let us know! We will try our best to keep up with your suggestions--until then share your research idea here!