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Any suggestions?



When I last saw my doctor a month ago, he thought that perhaps I was hypertensive and asked me to monitor my blood pressure every day for a month.

Well, after doing that, I’m pretty sure I’m hypertensive. I’ve been averaging 139/90.

Right now though, my blood pressure is 157/106. Five minutes before that, I was 159/107.

My head hurts despite the aleve I took. I’ve been trying to relax, but I can’t.
Any suggestions?

Please help

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Thank you


Go back to your doctor and get some meds.


Hi I received an unwanted email about your personal health issues. Not sure why i am targeted with this and why your personal data is being sent to me, but this is disconcerting. I never asked to be notified about your personal health issues and never signed up for any email lists here. So besides the privacy issues on your side for me its clearly unwanted email and therefore SPAM. Additionally there is no way to remove myself from this forum and from the eHeartStudy which is a big privacy concern for me.