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anyone can do. ??



I came to know of this amazing and wonderful woman through Live to Jett. She is now a FB friend of mine, and I want to recommend her blog to all of you in the strongest possible terms, especially to my fellow stage IV pals. I have never known or even heard of anyone anything like her. Her name is Gloria Borges, and somehow, despite everything she is doing to beat her cancer to a pulp, she manages to work full-time as an attorney in LA, work-out regularly, live an incredible and fun life, start her own non-profit, and write the most incredible and encourage and spirit stirring blog (by far) that I have ever read. All this at 29! I heartily encourage everyone to check it out. I will be SO worth your time, encourage you, and make you want to put on your “Rocky” (or WunderGlo) t-shirts (read the blog and you’ll know what I mean), and, if you’re able, to support her non-profit, which may just actually kick cancer’s A$$ to the curb. Somehow I think if anyone can do.

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