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Anyone know if Stanford thought about this?



Juliegee cited the article below months ago. I read it recently and have some thoughts. The men on the apoE4 side of my family died of cardiovasular events at fairly early ages. So, could the apoE4 men left in the study be only the hardy E4s, kind of a special group of E4s who had other protective genes or something? I’m not articulating this very well (I wish I had a statistical vocabulary) but it seems to me they could have been comparing apples to oranges among the E4s not counting the difference in gender. Or maybe E4 men who die early of cardiovascular problems would have developed dementia if their CVS problems didn’t kill them first. Maybe what would have caused dementia in the men caused heart attacks and strokes first and that was the end.

Anyone else have thoughts on this? Anyone know if Stanford thought about this?
Please help.

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