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anything that can confirm or infirm it.



We just learned that my wife is going through a colon cancer (T1N1) and she is treated with an adjuvant chemio with Folfox. The oncologist told us that there was 1/50,000 chance of sudden death in the first days of treatment. However, when pushed a bit, in a separate conversation, the supervising nurse told us that my wife had to be supervised 24/7 during the first 2 treatments (i.e. about 2 weeks) because of this sudden death possibility. Basically, she cannot be left alone. Apparently, there is the possibility of a genetic allergy with the 3 products incorporated into Folfox.

I tried to validate this assertion browsing the internet but I haven’t been able to find anything that can confirm or infirm it. I read several clinical reports talking about the mortality rates of the different treatment but nothing on this probability of sudden or premature death. The nurse told us that, effectively, they lost a patient in these circumstances about 2 years ago.

I would appreciate if anyone who is more knowledgeable of this very issue could share the info with me.

Please help.

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Thank you.