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Ars - do you have high blood pressure?



I whacked my finger with a kitchen knife about 2 months ago, resulting in a trip to the local urgent care for stitches. While there they take my BP. The nurse commented “that’s high, you’re probably just nervous, check it when you’re not as stressed.” So a month goes by, I’m in the grocery, and check it at the BP machine. 164/90. Not good. I chalk it up as a bad reading as I had a heavy sweater on. Another couple of weeks, try again, 169/101. Then again this past weekend, it was higher still. I setup a DR appointment today for tomorrow morning. I work out occassionally, not religously but I keep in shape. I do drink, and after researching I understand this contributes to high BP and I’m going to have to cut back on that. Any other ARS’ers have high BP?

Please help.

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