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Chronic kidney disease and heart failure


Im surprised nothing has been mentioned about the correlation of kidney disease and death by heart attacks. Milliions of people have undiagnosed kidney disease. Next lab evaluation ask your doctor your gfr or Image result for gfr
Glomerular filtration rate. If below 70 you have started the decline into danger zone. Most doctors never mention it You will drastically need to change diet and exercise. better sleep and less stress. There is an inverse correlation between stage and disease and age at heart attack. Mine was at age 65 I was likely to have a heart attack by age 78.


What you are saying here is incorrect. We are born with (assuming we are healthy), a kidney function of 100%, often measured as eGFR (estimated glomerular filtration rate), also 100%.
With age this comes down. At age 40 it is very normal to have an eGFR of 70, and age 60 it is normal at 60 (ml/min). Then after age 60 it normally drops to around 50, and that is where in healthy people it stays.
As a kidney doctor I see too many referrals of healthy people who panic because their eGFR is 65 and they are below 60.
Physical activity is always healthy, but i would never tell someone with an eGFR over 30 to restrict his/her diet in any way, as the kidney function itself really gets only compromised if eGFR drops below 20.
Please do not make people nervous here saying that below 70 for an eGFR is a danger zone. That is not true at all.
There is a relation between heart disease and kidney disease if the function drops below 30. Not above that.
If we would have to treat all people with an eGFR over 50, the health systems would collapse.


Hi I received an unwanted email about your personal health issues. Not sure why i am targeted with this and why your personal data is being sent to me, but this is disconcerting. I never asked to be notified about your personal health issues and never signed up for any email lists here. So besides the privacy issues on your side for me its clearly unwanted email and therefore SPAM. Additionally there is no way to remove myself from this forum and from the eHeartStudy which is a big privacy concern for me.


I appreciate the feedback. There are credible sources online that state predicting longevity is not that hard in people with CKD of all stages. There are some nephrologists now that refer CKD patients to cardiologists even in stage CKD 3a in the absence of cardiovascular disease. One chart indicated a person at age 65 with CKD stage 3a had a longevity of about 13 years. I do think people need to be advised of the relationship of excess protein and the demand on the kidneys. In addition many people have changed to plant based diets and have improved efr. I am more concerned with results of my creatine clearance at 64 when the lower range of normal is 80. People need to be made aware of their kidney functions and not discover them by googling what is an efr and discover half their functioning level is gone. Health Unlocked has many people frightened and sharing information. Perhaps you joining that board might help others.