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Congenital heart disease in adults



Congenital heart disease (congenital heart defect) is one or more abnormalities in your heart’s structure that you’re born with. This most common of birth defects can alter the way blood flows through your heart. Defects range from simple, which might cause no problems, to complex, which can cause life-threatening complications.
Advances in diagnosis and treatment mean most babies who once died of congenital heart disease survive well into adulthood. However, signs and symptoms of the condition can occur in adults later in life, even those who had treatment as a child.
If you have congenital heart disease you might need care throughout your life. Check with your doctor to determine how often you should be seen as an adult.

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Hi - there are centers that specialize in Adults with Congenital Heart Disease. They understand the changes and care necessary to stay in front of disease and prevention. Please see for more information.


Hi there. I have BAV and would love to get into a program that specializes in CHD. Would this replace my cardiologist?