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Fear of heart attack



I occasionally get pains in the center of my chest. They are dull and they come and go. Ever since I was in college and anxiety and depression really started to take a toll, I have been afraid of having a heart attack. For some reason the idea of it terrifies me. I am 35 years old, and as far as I know, in perfect health. My eating is not the healthiest, but not terrible, and I do not smoke. Whenever I get any minor pain in my chest or my left side, I think I’m doomed and I get very anxious. This is crazy, I know! Does anyone else have this fear? If so, any recommendations on how to combat it would be very helpful. Does anyone recommend physical tests to rule out heart problems?

Please help.

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So you should contact a doctor.


There’s several tests you can have done. First, do you have heart health problems in your family? Have you ever been diagnosed with Anxiety?

You can contact you Primary Care Physician and have them do a complete work up, and ask to see a Cardiologist. Explain your fear to both Doctors. Request a stress test. This is a procedure you can have performed in a controlled environment, and you will know if it’s your heart, stress or a combination of the two.

I suffered a trauma in my younger years. After, which I started having chest pains. This compounded my fears. I had a stress test performed and was clean. Later, I was diagnosed with severe anxiety. After identifying the problem and getting help, I no longer live in fear.

Best of luck,


I would go see my GP and get a work up and go from there. Speck up and let them know that you know your body and only you can be your own best advocate.


One other thing works for me is drink a tall glass of cool ( not cold) water and really pay attention if it makes any difference, even temporary . If yes, so far always, I conclude it’s not my heart.


Besides the recommendation of seeing your GP and getting a work up, I would also recommend doing everything you can to lower your risk of heart disease such as a healthy diet, adequate exercise, avoiding risks such as not smoking. That way you know that you have done everything that you can to control the possibility of heart disease.