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There are so many forums and FAQ’s on hypertension, but it seems as though there are not enough discussions on hypotension. I am 23 years old and my blood-pressure is sometimes as low as 60/40. It might sound as if I am making that measurement up, but unfortunately that is accurate. My hypotension leads to my heartbeat dropping drastically, and in some occasions my heart even stops beating entirely for a few seconds (for example during my tilt test). Any comments on this topic will by highly appreciated.


I’m not a medical doctor, I just have a Bachelors of Science in Science. I had a similar issue and it turned out to be due to my pacemaker cells arguing with each other about who should be first to trigger a heart beat. When they were fighting, blood pressure would drop and heart beats were skipped. This definitely will impact your 5K run times.

Get checked out by a cardiologist or a cardio electrophysiologist. They can monitor your rhythm with a wearable monitor or try to trigger it with a stress test. The treatment could be; do nothing, meds, ablation or a pacemaker.

Getting it fixed should be high on your todo list. Don’t wait for the heart to slow or stop for more then a few seconds.


Thanks for the reply sa30. I got a pacemaker within a week from the tilt test. No diagnosis was made though, so I was curious as to what might be the cause. So your reply helps me put it in perspective a bit! :slightly_smiling_face: Which medication is available?


Were you diagnosed with orthostaric intolerance? Mine is low like yours, and my heartrate is low too. I was diagnosed with orthostatic intolerance with sympathetic withdrawal.