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Is my pressure set to high?



I was hoping someone could shed some light on my ongoing issue. I’ve been a CPAP user fro almost a year, and we have had a love/hate relationship. The device puts me to sleep, I use the nasal pillows, but I don’t get a full nights sleep in. After about four hours I wake up and my lungs are hurting, I mean really sore. It feels like they have been inflated to capacity over and over again, in a non-gentle manner(if that makes sense). They feel raw, like I’ve been outside working hard on a very cold day. It takes an hour or so to get to feeling normal, and I can’t get back to sleep after that. Is my pressure set to high? Am I using the wrong headset?

Please help.

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Thank you.


Hi - I don’t know if your CPAP has a humidifier. That might make a difference. Also, whoever did your apnea tests should be able to help set the pressure and other things on your device. (I love my BiPAP machine - I refill the humidifier at least once a week and keep the filters replaced on both my and my wife’s machines.) Hope this helps! (We’re in Kaiser, and they have a great respiratory department and have been a huge help setting the machines up.)


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I’ve used a cpap for about 15 years. It took me a year to get used to wearing a mask. The Cpap experience improved significantly when I started using the nasal pillows. I chose not to use a humidifier I’m not a poor sleeper so sleep was not my concern, interrupted breathing without the cpap was the problem. Consult with your medical team and speak of the problems. It sounds as though your setting may be too high. It’s not the most romantic piece of gear to wear to bed but it will help save your life. Be persistent in finding a solution.


I think your pressure is too high. I have the same set up for you and I have no problems like you have. It does wake me up a couple times if I compress the airline.