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is there anyone out there that will cover me?



I had a heart attack on saturday morning. Needed to be rescucitated twice (1st time took 'em two goes on the paddles with cpr in-between, 2nd time I came straight back) then I had to have an angioplasty(?) to insert a stent into the artery.
As you can probably tell, I have made a good recovery (I’m typing this from home) but when can I think about skiing?
I have a week booked last week of Jan. I need to inform my current insurer that I have had the attack, and they will probably cancel my policy - is there anyone out there that will cover me?

Please help.

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Thank you.


Your State Health Insurance Commissioner agency might help you: Find your state insurance commissioner agency here:


The hospital social services department will help you. Would you telephone the hospital and ask for your call to be transferred to the social services department for resources?


Another suggestion: your attending physician can order a social services consult from a local hospital or from a home health care agency or long term care local agency. Your long-term care ombudsman agency might provide resources about your health insurance question:


Excuse me for being too old to know, but isn’t it still illegal to cancel a policy or deny coverage due to illness and pre-existings? Has the ACA truly been gutted that much for folks not yet on Medicare?