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Looking for treatment advice -Systolic Heart Failure 20% ef



I came across this great site, and was hoping to get some treatment advice. am currently taking Coreg 6.25mg 2/day, lasix 40mg 1/day,and Cozaar 50mg. 1/day. I have cardiomyapathy , and they say my heart is double the size of my chest cavity, or double its size. I have been rehospitalized once for it, just a few days ago, and stayed for four days. I am taking pills religiously now, as I wasnt doing that before. I am not big on taking pills, but understand I must do soomething. I went out and purchased almost all the supplements listed on the page to treat cardiomyapathy. I still have the last five to get. I have been reading of different phases in the treatment protocol, and was hoping someone could please advise me on the beat way to go about it. I am willing to do anything I can to get better, and I know that I will?

Please help.

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