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Momentary Chest Pain



I’ve got a problem at any time, I would suddenly have a very severe pain in the chest that lasts for only a second or two. I’ve just heard from my friend that he has this problem as well and it’s an inherited heart disease, but he didn’t seem to be willing to tell me what it’s all about. He just tells me that it’s a dangerous one. Is there anybody who can help me out here? I’ve had this problem for a few years but I kept ignoring it. I’m so freaked out… HELP?

Please help.

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Please visit a doctor and get a thorough test as soon as possible. test your cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Need to ensure there are no blockages in arteries. place your thumb on your ankle and feel the pulse. if you are unable to feel the pulse & blood flow there can be some issue in blood flow or blockages, hopefully it is not the case but do not neglect it & immediately discuss this issue with a doctor/cardiologist


I guess I don’t understand the reason you haven’t sought medical advice. Even Medicaid will help you if you don’t have other medical insurance and it is probably no cost to you. Using the internet as opposed to seeking medical advice is not the way to go. The internet is full of misinformation. I haven’t clicked on your references because they are clearly advertisements so I don’t even know if this is a truthful post.