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I’ve had a fluttering feeling that I get. I was able to have a stress test and it showed PAC’s. Being a monitor tech for years I know nothing gets prescribed for it. But I didn’t think it’s as bothersome as it looks. Sometimes it just stops me in my tracks. I was supposed to wear a monitor for a few days but I lost my insurance. Does anyone else feel that they hurt too?


I am not a Doctor and would recommend that you see one. But, you can buy a ECG monitor for around 100 to 200 dollars and record the ECGs yourself and use your computer to print out or e-mail the results to your doctor. I use one called PC-80B Easy ECG Monitor. It can do 30 second quick checks and about 9 hours checks using 3 wires it comes with. It does fine when you are sleeping or not moving but when you are moving, even stretching in Bed you will see what medical folks call artifacts. They are just errors in reading so don’t freak out when you see something odd since if my very well be an artifact. That is why you would want your doctor to look at the output. I bought a book to learn to read the ECG and I know enough to know when I am in rhythm or am having PACs, PVCs or AFIB, but I learned enough to know that the interpretation of ECGs for complex heart problems needs to be left to folks that do it for a living. I am told by my doctor that the halter monitors are not much better than mine. I think the 12 lead ECG they use when you are in the hospital are much better and provide many more views of your heart so they can detect more problems.


Hi I received an unwanted email about your personal health issues. Not sure why i am targeted with this and why your personal data is being sent to me, but this is disconcerting. I never asked to be notified about your personal health issues and never signed up for any email lists here. So besides the privacy issues on your side for me its clearly unwanted email and therefore SPAM. Additionally there is no way to remove myself from this forum and from the eHeartStudy which is a big privacy concern for me.


Can you forward it to me?

Thank you. But I’m one of those medical people. I was a monitor tech for years. I read 40 hearts for 12 hours a day. I had a stress test and it showed PAC’s I saw it before the Dr did. What I addressed as no big deal at work actually hurts in real life. Karma I guess.


Can you please copy and paste back to me?


I’m so very sorry for the intrusion. my intent was not to disturb your peace.