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Pain/pressure in left arm


I keep having pain/pressure in my left arm. I usually comes on suddenly and feels like my arm is in a very tight blood pressure cuff. Nitroglycerin makes it go away. My MD doesn’t seem to be concerned but it worries me. I have always wondered if I am the only one with this problem.


Sparaxis, I’ve had the pains too. I occasionally get them across my back and down the left shoulder to my forearm. I figured it was stress, well, it was! At 41 years old I had a heart attack and had a quintuple bypass! that was 27 years ago! Since then I’ve had pain in my left arm, I went saw my cardiologist and avoided another heart attack. Seems that after 25 years one of the grafts was blocking up. He put in a stent and walla, no more pain. So the moral of this story…get another cardiologist that is concerned about you. Angina, in my case, was a forewarning. My doctor agreed did an angiogram, followed by the stent proceedure. All in one step and went home the next morning!


Thank you. I just changed doctors. I only have it in my left arm from the shoulder to the wrist. It seems to come in cycles where it will happen frequently and then disappear for weeks. Hopefully, my new physician will have a little more curiosity. Thanks again.


Good Luck, remember it’s your heart and the doctors should be taking your concerns seriously. Let me know what this new Cardio-Doc comes up with! Manny