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Plesae can anyone help?



I was diagnosed with fibro a year ago, but in between times have also been told I have type 1 diabetes…life just keeps getting better! Anyway I have been waking up for months with a real heavy feeling in my chest, like an elephant has been sleeping on me. Its got better as the day goes on. Then I got a cold 6 weeks ago. The cold has gone but I have a feeling of fullness in my sternum, and my right lung aches when I breathe. I have been having real problems with shortness of breath and just feeling like my chest muscles are struggling to work. Have had loads of tests and been in hospital. Docs cant find anythig wrong so have suggested I see a psychiatrist!!! Real helpful of them! Anyway what I am struggling to say is does anyone else ever have these symptoms as I am just not convinced this is fibro and nobody in the medical profession seems to be taking me seriously. Plesae can anyone help?
Please help.

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Thank you.


Hi I received an unwanted email about your personal health issues. Not sure why i am targeted with this and why your personal data is being sent to me, but this is disconcerting. I never asked to be notified about your personal health issues and never signed up for any email lists here. So besides the privacy issues on your side for me its clearly unwanted email and therefore SPAM. Additionally there is no way to remove myself from this forum and from the eHeartStudy which is a big privacy concern for me.


Not to alarm you, but it sounds like heart failure. Other symptoms would include swelling in your feet/ankles and feeling short of breath with exertion like climbing stairs. You said you have been to the doctor and they can find nothing wrong. I assume then that someone did an EKG and perhaps a chest X-ray which should have detected heart failure, if you have it. If not, get another opinion or maybe see a cardiologist.