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resistant hypertension



Despite numerous attempts to control my bp, it is still not under control. What happens is that they change a medication or introduce another one. My bp comes down nicely then a week or two later it goes back up again. Recently when I went into hospital it was 200/126. has anyone else had this problem with it going back up after the introduction or switch of bp meds. and if so what did the docs. do or put you on to get it under control. It’s really worrying me as I’m starting to see my life not lasting much more than 5 to 10 years at this rate or having a stroke or heart attack which will leave me completely incompacitated, and I’m desparate to be here at least until Blake is grown up.

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I haven’t had your problem, but I did lower my BP by using HIIT (high intensity interval training). Be sure to ask your doctor if it’s appropriate for you before trying it. I’m 63 and I no longer take medication for my BP.


Hi there,

I also had resistant hypertension, much as you describe, for many years. There are at least 3 relatively uncommon conditions that can cause this, that can be tested for: renovascular hypertension, hyperaldosteronism, and pheochromocytoma.

I was found to have renovascular hypertension. The solution was to put stents in my renal artery. I still have to take 4 BP meds but now I have normal BP. I am so glad I had this done.

Sleep apnea can also cause hypertension.