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Server Simply Will Not Start



Okay, I discovered I was not on the update mailing list. So I did that and got pointers to the latest files.
Downloaded them. Unzipped the files to two separate folders on my desktop and ran the webservice setup. Noticed the only option was uninstall. Uninstalled and then installed. Quickweb was not in \Program Files\Quick 'n Easy Web Service. Put it there. Rebooted. Couldn’t start the server - Message, “Web Server failed to start on port 80.” Checked the control panel to see whether the service was running. It was. Stopped and restarted it. Checked to see if the newest webcfg.cpl was in …\System32. It was. Web server still won’t start. Checked Help/About - 3.33. Color me stupid. At 69 maybe I’m losing brain pieces, but I’m stumped. My web page and webcam have been down all day and I’m not a happy camper.

Please help.

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