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As part of the Health eHeart Alliance Engagement Survey, we asked you to share why you decided to join the Health eHeart Community and contribute to heart research. We were thrilled and inspired by the number of responses and range of experiences that you shared. A few of the responses can be viewed above. Add your voice by responding to this post with why you decided to join Health eHeart!


I started with Heart health many years ago at the San Francisco marathon expo probably 1981 still running with good health have ran 30 plus marathon and several 50 mile races along with 3 100 mile endurance races


My grandfather, mother and brother(under 40) all died of heart disease before their time. I had a heart attack under 40 but am now 79 thanks to the advances in cardiac care. I want to contribute to that effort.


I am a woman with cardio respiratory disease. It all started when I was 19 years old and pregnant. My blood pressure (BP) was so high, the doctor called an ambulace to take me from the antinatal clinic to the hospital. After my daughter was born 40 years ago, no one seemed interested in my BP. Later, no one believed me that my BP was elevated … and now I have heart failure.
I joined this forum and heart health study to provide as much information as possible, so that someone with a true interest in hypertension research or diastolic dysfunction might sit up and take notice. Women are an under researched species , so I am delighted to be a part of something that might be of benefit to the wider community and future health.


I’m a 48 yr old recovering IV meth addict. I have 45 days clean today. I had seen many using buddies die from cardio-pulmonary hypertension or get really sick and thier lives deteriorate rapidly. Luckily I haven’t had any issues, so far anyway. Being involved in this study is a way to make amends to myself, my body and my heart in particular for the neglect and abuse I put myself through. I now have come to understand the importance of understanding the preciousness of my body that is my temple and the only temple I’ll get in this lifetime. I have so much gratitude today because I went out on a 25 mile bike ride and survived. I’m still trying to undo the unseeable damage my addiction most surely caused my heart, my brain and my self-esteem.


I’m a 38 year old woman with diastolic dysfunction, shortness of breath, and a left bundle branch block. I have pulmonary hypertension and doctors seem perplexed- I’m now seeing a specialist at Mayo Clinic in Rochester. When I was 2, I had total lymphoid irradiation, and they think it damaged my heart. Next week I’ll have my third heart cath in three years, and I am cautiously optimistic that this time they might be able to help me live a more normal life, and be as active as I would like to be.
I have an implanted heart rate monitor so that I don’t have to wear a holter monitor. I really hope the Apple Watch can evolve to be more accurate so that people like me don’t have to have this device implanted anymore!