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So, Congestive Heart Failure?



What do y’all know about CHF? Is it a situation like diabetes, where it can be reversed with a great diet, exercise and wise supplementation? Can the heart muscle get its mojo back once it’s weakened? Even if symptoms improve, will it still kill you prematurely down the line?

Please help.

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My Dad lived to be 92 with CHF. He did not exercise and ate what he wanted. He s over-weight and in the end had trouble walking, but was only really disabled for a few days before he died. Best to you. Judith


You need to ask your doctor what is best for you in your particular situation. For one thing, outcomes depend on the overall condition of your heart. Another factor is your age; another is the CHF stage you experienced and what caused your attack(s). The statistics for patient survival are grim. You can probably improve your chances with regular exercise, reaching a desirable weight, and maintaining a healthy diet. Ask your doctor.