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Test Result, Accuracy?



I had a nuclear stress test for the 1st time in 9 yrs and they didn’t want me to do the tread mill due to chest pains. I did it anyway and the nurse convinced the dr it was better then being injected. Did the entire test with NP and they all couldn’t believe how well I did. The results said my EF was 40-45 higher then it was the last time. OK Then a few weeks later I had an echo cardiogram which I have once a yr… same dr says EF is lower then the last few only 30-35, when I asked about the discrepancy I got a stupid look without an answer.
So folks with more knowledge then me which is more accurate?

Please help.

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I am surprised they were not able to tell you that an ejection fraction on echocardiogram is an estimate. It’s basically a “visual” where as many of the other methods measure the EF directly. I have had many echos and 3 heart caths in the past three years. The EF numbers are usually similar, but the echo is not considered the “gold standard.” Hope this helps you!