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Women and Keyhole Surgery?


Did anyone here happen to see the episode of Gray’s Anatomy last Spring where the fictitious chief of staff, Miranda Bailey, feels a heart attack coming on? She walks herself into a nearby ER, tells them what she needs, they listen (it’s fiction, right?) and the same or next day she gets keyhole surgery rather than a classic chest cracking bypass.

I listened wishing it was more than fictitious. I happen to know how hard keyhole surgery can be to find in real life. Two years ago, upon being (mistakenly) told I would probably need a bypass urgently, I did a bunch of fast-track research to see if keyhole surgery and it’s lower threat of complication and risk and it’s less protracted recovery might be a feasilble option. Due to a neighbor who is doing wonderfully well almost ten years after her own keyhole procedure I have seen it be quite successful up close.

In my own case, as it turned out, my episode was a premature alarm as I did not have an infarct and my blockages were not bad enough to intervene at all yet (long story about when docs read signals differently, disagree and the patient winds up deciding which experts to heed). But just in case things for me do worsen downstream, I am also still hoping a keyhole procedure might be much more common real life option by then.

Has anyone here had the keyhole kind of cardiac vessel repair? Or does anyone else but me have it on the personal radar to learn more about it? Any and all information welcome, thanks.


Hi I received an unwanted email about your personal health issues. Not sure why i am targeted with this and why your personal data is being sent to me, but this is disconcerting. I never asked to be notified about your personal health issues and never signed up for any email lists here. So besides the privacy issues on your side for me its clearly unwanted email and therefore SPAM. Additionally there is no way to remove myself from this forum and from the eHeartStudy which is a big privacy concern for me.


I posted a question on the message board for the eheart community as a member of that community, not something addressed to an individual. This is a message board for questions from patients about heart disease.

I can guess what happened perhaps. The software used to run this message board is called “Discourse” and if sends e-mail updates to members of the community who haven’t visited the forum recently, which is something I happen to know only because I was once in a class that used Discourse too.

Somewhere along the line it would seem you also joined this community. Is there an unsubscribe button on what you received?