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Would you participate in a National BP Control "Registry"?


Yes I would be interested in participating as my blood pressure medicine does not work very well and I’ve tried several.


I would participate. I have high bp at times with exertion but normal resting.


Yes I would love to.


Yes, I’d like to participate. I bought the Qardio bp cuff, hoping to link to my Apple watch, but my big fat arms required me to send it back!


I would be happy to participate.




I would like to join your BP survey. I take my BP every day in the morning with a digital BP machine .


I’m interested!!!




i would


I don’t ‘always’ have high blood pressure, but rather blood pressure that constantly fluctuates, for some reason, form low to normal to high (just like my heart rate (except my heart rate stays high 70% of the time). If that fits your criteria then I would be willing to participate.


I would participate.




I don’t have high blood pressure, but I know family members and friends that do. Would it be okay to let them know about your idea and see if they would then be interested in joining this site and indicating their willingness to be part of a study like you are considering?


If you are including voluntaries outside the U.S. I am interested


I’d like to participate, though I’m living abroad…
and don’t suffer HBP… yet!!!


Sounds good. I am in if needed.,


Yes I want to participate


Yes, please. I would be happy to participate in a National BP Control Registry. Thank you for asking. Thank you for your great work! KUDOS! NAMASTE!


I would. I’m currently on 2 BP meds.